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Environmental Site Assessment, ESA

Project goal
In many different situation a company or organisation shall assess or estimate the environmental risk potential in its operation or property. In a systematised Environmental site assessment -procedure both issues are dealt. Such situations may be:

  • Reassessment of warranties and values of property by an insurance company
  • Reassessment of warranties and values of property by an bank
  • Assessment of liabilities establishing warranties in business transaction situations
  • Etc.

An international ISO -standard ISO 14015 (Environmental assessment of Sites and Organisations) is developed to harmonise the procedure.

The procedure is described in international ISO -standard ISO 14015. Our company has long experience in ISO 14001; our representative has been a Finnish representative in ISO TC207 (Environmental Management) developing the 14000 -series standards since 1994.

An analysis of operational environmental issues and also analysis of "old sinds" may be assessed. The procedure can be extended to assessment of business consequences. This is made especially in assessments of economical value.