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Integrated Management System, IMS

Project goal
A company or organisation is integrating its existing management systems to an unique operating system. These systems may be: * Environmental management system, ISO 14001, Emas II, EMS * Quality management system, ISO 9001, QMS * Occupational health and safety system, OHSAS 18001, OHS * Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, DS 3027, HACCP * Any other systematised company or organisation based management system.

The methodology is planned case by case. Usually a group of key persons responsible of different systems identify the elements in common. The integration is planned and implemented according to this analysis. The work is lead and supported by Oy Enemi Ltd Our company has long experience in ISO 14001; our representative has been a Finnish representative in ISO TC207 (Environmental Management) developing the 14000 -series standards since 1994.

An integrated operation system with minimum overlapping to other elements of management.

*Typical example: EQMS modschema ENG.htm, EQH modschema ENG.htm, EQOHS modschema ENG.htm
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