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EU-ETS Emission Trade Verification

To verify GHG emission reports in accordance with EU ETS Directive (2003/87/EC), other relevant EU and National legislation and relevant guidelines.

Scope of the accreditation (FINAS accreditation; Decision VB03/A01/2012, see the the below Downloadable content):

Independence and impartiality
Oy Enemi Ltd ensures objectivity of its verification before tendering and accepts the principles of independence and impartiality:

  • The company does not verify own consultations
  • The company does not verify clients in case of conflict of interest
Oy Enemi Ltd has publicly available statement of its independence and impartiality.

Verification process is carried out in accordance with accredited procedure that safeguards organisations independence and impartiality during the verification process.

Verification process includes three main steps: pre-contact stage, verification assessment and reporting.

Outcome of verification
Official verification statement to a client.

Further information
Description of the verification procedure, applicable legislation and guidelines: "Contact Us".