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- Senior consultant -

Work experience
Dr. William M. Cooke has 30 years experience directing programs on characterizing and removing trace chemical species. Dr. Cooke is currently President of CCI, an international consulting and testing firm based in the United States with offices, laboratories and joint venture partners in: Brussels, Belgium; Lahti, Finland; Mexico City, Mexico; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Seoul, Korea; and the United States (Four Locations). CCI is the largest testing and remediation services company in the world specializing in dioxin, dioxin-like species, PCB and PBT.

CCI has special expertise in resolving complex contamination problems such as dioxin and dioxin-like compounds, PCB, PAH, toxic metals, pesticides and PBT. This expertise includes remediation, identification, directed engineering programs; and monitoring programs to demonstrate that products and processes meet regulatory guidelines, and industrial codes of good practice. CCI manufactures low cost sampling devices for all media: air (ambient and source), water, waste, human, and biological samples. CCI manufacturers the AmbStack sampling train for measuring stack emissions (dioxin, metals, pesticides, PCB, etc.). AmbStack was developed in cooperation with the Singapore government, and is used as a routine research tool by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), and many users worldwide.

Dr. Cooke was Chairman of the International Symposium on Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons for 12 years. Dr. Cooke is the coauthor of seven books on the chemistry and biochemistry of aromatic, organic species. He has published numerous articles on trace characterization of difficult species, and he was corecipient of the U.S. EPA national research award in 1987.

Ph.D., Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1972

Areas of experience

CCI has assisted several trade associations, and continues to provide consultancy to industrial groups worldwide, including representation with regulatory agencies in the United States and the European Union. CCI has assisted many industrial firms who conduct business in the following areas:

  • Agribusiness (Food, Animal Feed, Processing)
  • Basic and Specialty Chemicals
  • Cement Manufacture
  • Energy (Electric Power, Gas, Petroleum)
  • Forest Products
  • Incineration (Regional, Medical, Municipal, Hazardous Waste)
  • Metals (Iron and Steel, Aluminum, Other Specific Metals and Processes)
  • Mining (Primary Ores, Clay, Ball Clay, Kaolin, Sorptive Minerals)
Examples of associations
ABECitrus (Brazilian Citrus Processors Association)
Aluminum Association (The)
American Feed Industry Association
Ball Clay Producers Association
Florida Citrus Processors Association
Sorptive Minerals Institute
U.S. Food Feed Coalition
United Egg Producers

During his career Dr. Cooke has held positions as Senior Chemist and Area Manager for:

Battelle Memorial Institute (Industrial Chemistry and Combustion Engineering Program Manager)
International Technology Corporation (Distinguished Technical Associate)
Mead Paper Company (International Laboratory Director)
U.S. EPA (Senior Scientist)

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, (1975 . 2001)
Bendix Fellow
DuPont Fellow
Keynote Award, Korean National Assembly (Risk Management and Priority Setting, 1996)
Senior Fulbright Fellow, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 1978
U.S. National Research Award (Relationship of Cancer to Smoke, 1987)
Visiting Professor, Beijing Polytechnic University, 1985
Visiting Professor, University of Puerto Rico . Rio Piedras, 1993